Cloud Transformation

Customer wanted to move their SAP systems from On-Premises to Public Could with the configuration of the high availability setup for the Critical SAP applications in their landscape using Symphony for SAP

Road blocks

  • Multiple vendors and layers of team involved.

    Discovery of the SAP environment to ensure the Firewall and connections are opened during the migration and the business operation is restored as-is.

  • Complex SAP Landscape with multiple legacy system connections.

    Vast volume of business data to be migrated, without any data loss.

Success with Symphony

  • Orchestrated migration using Symphony reducing the migration timeline and human error.
  • Symphony helped project team to have a quick turnaround to get a new landscape to manage the initiative timeline.
  • Minimize the Cloud hosting & operational cost.
  • Helps to improve the overall system performance and user experience.

GRC Transformation

Customer wanted to improve and streamline their authorization and governance process in the SAP application and has decided to deploy the Access Control Solution of SAP GRC application.

Road blocks

  • Remediating the existing Roles and redesigning them to fit into the Business Role Concept offered by GRC BRM

  • Successfully implemented SAP GRC AC 10.1 and integrated with the Customer SAP environment.

  • No User Administration and Firefighter concept in place, resulting in excessive access to the users and exposing to SoD risk.

  • Customized the BRM functionality to work like the capability of the legacy tool the customer wanted to replace with SAP GRC - mass derived role creation based on the Org. Level templates

Success with Symphony

  • SoD level risks were reduced.
  • Automated user demonstration and the Use Access Review process of GRC gave better view to the organization on the access provided to the users in the system.
  • Open Risks were tracked and remediated properly.
  • Able to use the role creation featured offered by the legacy system in SAP GRC and saved the additional legacy system license cost.

SAP on-premise Automation with Symphony

Customer executes annual system refresh for their ERP systems (SAP & Non-SAP) and their connected downstream/Upstream systems. There is tight business process integration between ERP and downstream/upstream systems. All the 12 systems need to be refreshed together.

Road blocks

  • Automate/Orchestrate the system refresh to avoid manual errors

  • Reduce the runtime of Pre & Post refresh activities

  • Architecture: On Premise

Success with Symphony

  • Reduced the runtime of refresh from 4 days to 2 days (50% reduction in time)
  • Reduced the number of resources from 5 to 2 (60% reduction in resource)
  • Very minimal defect post refresh (Due to avoidance of manual error)
  • Integration with the 3rd Party tools for automating the scrambling execution from symphony

SAP on AWS Automation with Symphony

Customer manages the business requirement by using multiple SAP system tracks with the focus to “deliver on time solution.” Team has an End-to-End integration platform using SAP Application, and the strategy of building a temporary landscape in Public cloud based on the business needs. Team builds an innovative architecture to minimize the operational cost and time to deploy new landscape.

Road blocks

  • Scalability

    Build SAP Landscape to support upcoming Business Initiatives

  • Maintenance

    Snooze SAP Application & instances during non-Business hours

Success with Symphony

  • Easy to deploy the landscape as per project needs within weeks
  • Minimize the Cloud hosting & operational cost
  • Helps projects to have a quick turnaround to get a new landscape to manage the initiative timeline

24X7 Support

Due to reduced workload for Basis & Security, Customer engages the resource on demand basis from the market as it helps reduces the monthly SAP application maintenance cost.

Road blocks

  • To manage business needs with quicker turnaround the existing Roles and redesigning them to fit into the Business Role Concept offered by GRC BRM.

    Maintain vulnerabilities and provide timely support in Security areas

  • Reactive Support for the incidents

    In identify the genuine & cost-effective expertise services in the market

Success with Symphony

  • Perform frequent system assessments and implement the remediation activities within the estimated budget
  • Available 24/7 to provide system support and supports business
  • Adaption of process related to SAP Security & Basis vulnerabilities
  • Co-ordination between teams placed in different location and maintains the buddy model

S/4HANA Transformation

Business initiated the Digital transformation journey. As part of initiatives, IT team kick-off the major transformation project from On-Premise application to Public Cloud

Road blocks

  • Legacy Hardware and Unsupported SAP Application versions

    Less / Minimal impact to Business during the transformation with the optimal cost.

  • Three Steps approach required to attain the digital transformation journey

    Architecture: Azure Cloud

Accomplishment with BCS supportRoad blocks

  • Reduced Migration, Upgrade & Maintenance Cost to support the transformation
  • Supports the Business initiatives within a shorter period from IT front (less than 4 months) includes Upgrade & Migration to public cloud
  • Achieve the deliverables as one team and BCS maintains the decorum throughout the project
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