‘Sit back.. Relax and experience the magic touch’

Symphony for SAP is developed by our Full Stack Basis experts to orchestrate each planned action in and around SAP Basis and Cloud Operations.

With Symphony implemented in their landscape, one can

  • automate the actions across the complex layers
  • increases efficiency and productivity
  • reduced human errors
  • increased agility and
  • an optimized cost over the full stack

‘Your orchestrated operations center for SAP’

Adapter for Azure / AWS / GCP

  • Foundation Activities such as Resource Group
  • VNET and Subnet creation
  • SAP Migration from Region to Region / Subscription to Subscription
  • SAP Provisioning including VM
  • Loadbalancer
  • HANA / Oracle / MSSQL and SAP
  • Cost Overview
  • SAP Monitoring in Azure Monitor
  • Cleanup activities such as deleting VM
  • Snapshots
  • Disks
  • NICs
  • Migrate Snapshots
  • Start / Stop VMs in an orchestrated manner
  • Storage Switch from Premium to Standard or vice versa

Adapter for HANA

  • Migration of HANA from any to any platform
  • HANA Backup and Restore
  • Creating a Tenant DB
  • Scale Out Inclusion or Removal
  • Standby Inclusion or Removal
  • HANA System Replication Setup
  • Stop or Start HANA
  • Provisioning HANA
  • Revision Upgrade

Adapter for SAP

  • Migration of SAP from any cloud to any cloud (Homogeneous)
  • System Refresh with Near Zero Downtime
  • Kernel Upgrade
  • Monthly Maintenance
  • SAP Provisioning
  • Additional Application Server
  • Rename SAP Instances
  • Client Operations
  • Global Settings Operations
  • RFC Creation
  • Printer Creation
  • SAP Rout tab entries adjustment
  • Bulk Transport Imports

Adapter for ORACLE

  • Install Oracle
  • Backup / Restore / Recovery / Open Reset
  • Table space Extension/Crop/Create
  • Index Creation/Deletion
  • Truncate Tables
  • Execute Oracle Statement
  • Enable or Disable Archive Log Mode

Adapter for SPLUNK / Azure Monitor / AWS Cloud Watch

  • Monitor Infrastructure Components (i.e. CPU, MEMORY, DISK,etc.,)
  • Monitor SAP Components (i.e. Workprocess, Buffer, Memory Structures,etc.,)
  • Monitor SAP Jobs
  • Monitor IDOCs
  • Monitor XML Messages
  • Monitor Table Entries
  • Monitor RFCs

Adapter for SUSE HA

  • Setup NFS Cluster
  • Setup ASCS Cluster
  • Setup SCS Cluster
  • Setup HANA Cluster
  • Perform Maintenance Operations in an orchestrated manner (i.e. MaintenanceMode, Node Standby, Resource Cleanup, Node Maintenance, etc.,)

Adapter for Linux/Windows

  • Linux Patching
  • Filesystem Extension
  • Filesystem Creation
  • Host Entry Adjustments
  • SSH Key Exchange
  • Drive Extension for Windows
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